Monday, October 19, 2015

Road Trip Weekend: Palo Duro Canyon

 Kate was super excited for Friday, October 16th, because this was the first time Mommy would be coming to school to pick her up early, at noon, rather than the end of the day. This was so we could go ahead and hit the road to Amarillo. We had between a 5 and 6 hour drive ahead of us, with potty breaks and such, so we didn't want to wait too late to head out.

 Why Amarillo? Jason was running in the Palo Duro Canyon Trail Run...the 50 mile portion. They have three races: 20k (12.5 miles), 50k (31.25 miles) and the big one, the 50 miler. This would be his longest run ever- previously he's completed a 34 mile run, however it wasn't a trail run. They would not be running on the nice, paved roads through the park. This is a tough course through the hiking trails and canyons. There are no flat surfaces. There's not much shade. It's hot. He's pretty much insane.

 So the trip down was uneventful and totally boring actually. There's really not much to see between Fort Worth and Amarillo. Highway 287 is not the most scenic road you will ever drive. Nick worked for a little while in the car, until he felt a little car sick. The glare from the sun was messing up his laptop screen so he made himself a tent with Kate's blanket.
 We arrived around suppertime. Jason and Heather had gone to the special runner's dinner and Pop and Nannie had Kylie and Logan with them. They had already eaten, so we grabbed some Whataburger and hung out in the hotel for a little while. The kids didn't get to play long though because everyone needed to get to bed super early - we had a long day ahead of us.

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