Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

As is tradition, we spent Christmas Eve at Yiayia's house. We had a Mexican feast, which has also become sort of a tradition, with tamales and this year added breakfast tacos. We had a vast array of desserts to munch on as well. After stuffing ourselves, it was gift time. Kate was beyond excited to get things going and this year she passed out the gifts without much help, now that she can read on her own.
 We all got some pretty awesome gifts this year. Nana had saved Nick's grandfather's belt all these years, and they took the buckle and had it put on a new belt for Nick. The buckle is a Holland style #205. They were first made back in 1939 in San Angelo, Texas based on my research about it. Regardless, it is an amazing keepsake for him to have. Nick was pretty young when his grandfather passed away.

Kate also scored big (of course) and got her own keyboard! She has had a couple of lessons from Grandpa and now she has some books and her own keyboard to start practicing. I took enough lessons when I was younger to help her through her first couple of books, I think. We will see! Thankfully Yiayia bought a keyboard that came with headphones.
 Nick and I decided to buy each other snorkel masks this year. We are going on another cruise in April, and I plan to snorkel in every port. We both had some difficulty with the regular snorkel gear on the last cruise. I swallowed a ton of sea water, and Nick never could get the hang of it. So I found out about these full face snorkel masks that allow you to breath normally. I'm excited to try them out. Mine is pink!
 We were nearly finished opening presents when the doorbell rang and a special visitor showed up to hand out gifts for everyone. Kate went to the door, and when she looked out the window and turned around and gasped - "It looks like Santa!" she said. As she was opening the door, she turned to us and said "He's ho-ing!" It was, in fact, Santa with a bag full of gifts. He handed them each to Kate and she passed them out after Santa left. I guess he got to Yiayia's house a little early this year.
 Santa brought Kate a boogie board, which is basically a message board that you can write on over and over. She has loved it so far.
 After we got home, really really late I might add, Kate had one more special gift to open. She received some new Christmas pajamas, a Santa mug and some hot cocoa, a Christmas record, and a few other things. She set out cookies and milk for Santa. It was after midnight before we all went to bed!

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