Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas with Grandma

Since Mom, Richard, and Trey are going to Mount Pleasant for Christmas this year, we decided to have dinner and exchange gifts with them last night rather than wait until after Christmas was over.  Kate was fine with that, and super excited all day long that they were coming over.  I make BBQ brisket in the crock pot and homemade rolls along with a chocolate pie of course.

They arrived around 6 and we ate and talked. We used the dining room, which we never eat in but I like to on special occasions. Kate even made little name tags for everyone so they would know where to sit at the table. She helped Daddy set the table as well.

After dessert we sort of cleaned up enough so that we could get to presents. Kate was about to jump out of her skin, she was so anxious to start unwrapping. Of course she went first, and then Trey...and then the adults followed suit. Kate got a new Frozen storybook and a Barbie with a horse that actually walks! The Barbie even swings around and jumps on it herself. It's a fairly impressive toy!

I had purchased a cute pair of boots for Mom but they were too small, so after we finished we decided to go to Kohls so she could pick out a different size. Trey and Kate began work on a gingerbread Christmas tree with Nick's supervision. Richard, Mom and I went to Kohls and successfully returned and picked out new boots for her, and then she bought two additional pair as well so it worked out quite well for her! The lines at Kohls were unbelievably long and I know all those poor cashiers are exhausted. It will be over soon!

We sat around and talked for a while after we returned. Nick left to take his mom to the movies for the late late show to see Star Wars. Trey convinced Kate to watch some Star Wars cartoons with him. She went to bed way, way past her bedtime, but she had a good evening.

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