Monday, December 28, 2015

Friends in Frisco

We met up with Heather, Will and Olivia in Frisco to celebrate Christmas together and hang out on Sunday afternoon. The girls exchange Christmas ornaments each year rather than buy each other a toy or something, so the opened their ornaments at lunch. We met at the Cheesecake Factory to eat, but we've had some seriously insane weather the past couple of days so it was cold, rainy, and even hailed as we arrived at the Stonebriar Center.
After lunch we walked around the mall for just a little bit. We had specific stores we needed to visit, and the girls wanted to Build-a-Bear so we let them do that. Kate chose a rainbow colored leopard and Olivia chose a fluffy white kitty. Once we finished up in the mall, we loaded up and headed over to IKEA.
Kate was super excited to be going back to IKEA so soon. You can easily spend a couple of hours in there so it was fun for everyone, and Heather and Will hadn't been in quite some time. They had a couple of specific things they needed for Will's house in Paris so it's not like we just wandered around aimlessly. Nick corralled the girls in a large shopping cart, which worked out well, and they had a blast.
 Once we finished there, it was just about time to eat again before they all headed back to Mount Pleasant, We made one other stop to Target for a little while, and then we ended up at Jason's Deli for supper. They were trying to let the heavy rain get far enough ahead of them that the drive home wouldn't be horrible, so we took our time eating and talking. Overall we had a great day!

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