Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Nutcracker

I started a new tradition with Kate last year and took her to see the Texas Ballet Theater's performance of The Nutcracker. I used to make Nick take me every year, but he's really not much of a ballet fan so he is happy to let it be a Mommy and Kate date. This year I bought extra tickets so we took Yiayia and Aunt Karyn as well.

Kate decided that we all needed to wear red sweaters for our ballet date, so obliged (which meant Mommy had to go shopping for a red sweater). We ate lunch at Razzoo's before the ballet, and after the performance ended we walked around Sundance Square for just a little bit before heading home. We shopped in the new Tervis store down there and each of us picked out a new Tervis tumbler.

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