Friday, January 29, 2016

Facebook and Tragedy

I know a lot of people complain about what a time-suck Facebook can be. I will not dispute that fact, most of the time that's about all it amounts to. It's a convenient way to keep in touch with people that otherwise you wouldn't keep in touch with as well. I mean really, Facebook has made the high school reunion almost pointless. And there are groups where people sharing a common interest or activity can chat and share ideas and get to know each it can be quite useful too.

When something bad happens in your life, it can be an amazing place to bring Christians together to pray as well. I got to witness this first hand with everything that happened this month with Pam. From the day it all began, and each day thereafter, I use Facebook to keep people informed of what was going on, to covet their prayers, and update those who I knew were on their knees on our behalf. It helped. It comforted. I felt every one of those prayers. I will be honest - you come to a point during something like this that you're so mentally exhausted, and your heart hurts to much, that you almost lose the ability to pray yourself. There's just nothing left in the to know that all it takes is a simple status update on Facebook to have a few friends praying for you is a wonderful thing.

Because I use this blog to document life, I'm going to document my Facebook during that time:

  January 1 at 1:44pmSaginaw
My stepmother has suffered a massive stroke. Would appreciate all the prayers you can muster.

80 people commented, sending thoughts and prayers our way.

  January 1 at 3:54pmPlano
Pam (my stepmother) is headed into a 4 hour-ish procedure to break up the clot in her brain. We are   with my dad at the hospital now and are very grateful for the prayers!

  January 1 at 5:10pmPlano
Waiting room hour 1: watching Telemundo and trying not to go crazy. Si.

Seriously. There was one spanish-speaking woman in the waiting room, and she had taken over the remote, switched it to Telemundo and was talking on the phone, not paying the least bit of attention to the TV, the whole time we sat there.

Pam is out of surgery. They were able to break up both clots and everything looks as good as can be expected. She does have some tissue damage from the stroke that is irreversible but blood flow is restored and looks good. Thank you for your continued prayers!

  January 2 at 7:02amSaginaw
If you're awake right now it's because God knew we needed some prayer warriors today. Please lift up my family and Pam. We are not out of the woods by a long stretch.

  January 2 at 11:19am

Rather than type all of this again....

Heather Adams
CT scan this morning showed swelling and bleeding on the brain. She is on meds to help that. She is having another scan around 1 to check the swelling. She still cannot open her eyes. She has been moving her right leg and arm more. There is no movement on her left side. So many unknowns right now.

  January 2 at 2:50pmPlano
Pam update: her brain swelling has gone down since this morning which is good. They're keeping her sedated slightly so she doesn't get agitated. Not out of the woods, but better than we were.

  January 2 at 4:53pmPlano
Today's creations, ready to hang on the wall. Thank you so much for your continued prayers. Nothing new to report...which isn't necessarily bad.
  January 3 at 1:09pmSaginaw
You know how you have stress and a million things to do and a heavy heart, and really all you want to do is take a nap until it all goes away? Yeah, that.

  January 3 at 8:55pmSaginaw
Just to update my friends on Pam... There hasn't been much change today, which is both good and bad. Not much worse, but also not better. Swelling and bleeding are still a primary concern and she is in critical condition. We all appreciate your prayers and offers to help in any way you can. Times like these really make me appreciate my friends and family.

One day at a time. Not much has changed with Pam's condition. Tomorrow they are doing a procedure to hopefully relieve some of the pressure in her brain. Then we wait some more and pray for the best.

  January 6 at 11:00amPlano
They are getting ready to transport Pam to surgery. Thanks in advance for your continued prayers! I also deeply appreciate all of the birthday wishes today. It's not how I planned to celebrate today, but your posts and texts have helped bring a smile to my face.

  January 6 at 1:08pmPlano
Pam's procedure went well! Thank you for your prayers. Now we play the waiting game a little longer.

  January 8 at 3:09pmSaginaw
It's been one week since my family's world was turned upside down and I'm sad to say there's nothing new to report. Pam's condition hasn't changed one way or the other much. The waiting is difficult. Dad has had a rough day today. I think his emotional tank is pretty drained at this point. Many thanks to those of you keeping us in your prayers.

  January 10 at 4:07pmPlano
Pam has some lovely artwork for her wall and we have more snacks than we could possibly eat. ‪#‎daybyday‬

In the next couple of days there will be some very serious conversations and decisions to be made that no one ever wants to have to make. We are grateful for your continued prayers as we navigate this journey as a family.

  January 12 at 2:21pmPlano
I never knew what an honor and a privilege it could be to sit with someone as they drew their final breath.

97 people commented with love, prayers, support, sorrow, and condolences to that post. Many more sent texts and private messages.

Thank you, everyone, for praying. Even if we did not like the answer God gave us to those prayers, we know that each and every one of them helped.

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