Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine's Party

I was able to attend Kate's Valentine's party at school on Friday afternoon. She has really great room moms for her class, so they gt to decorate and then eat their own big heart-shaped sugar cookie with icing and lots of sprinkle choices. Then we fed them some more sugar in the form of chips, fruit, cupcakes, and oreo balls made by me. We were going to play Bingo as well, but kindergartners take a long time to eat and they spent the entire rest of the party eating snacks and bouncing around the room from the sugar high. So no Bingo.
 After school we went by Yiayia's house to drop off a few things and ended up staying for dinner. (Hey, I never turn down a free steak.) Kate went through her Valentine's stash, very excited over each pencil, candy, or sticker she received.
Then she and Bill baked some heart-shaped brownies together as well as a small pan of regular brownies. He had found a silicone mold a while back with heart shapes. 
While the brownies were in the oven, Kate gave Yiayia, Nana and Bill the card she made for them. Then she convinced Yiayia yo go ahead and let her open her Valentine early. They bought her a unicorn and a couple of Cowgirl Kate books along with some candy. She's had a pretty good Valentine's so far!

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