Saturday, April 9, 2016

April Stuff

It's spring and I'm trying to reconcile the fact that Kate is almost finished with kindergarten and will be a first grader soon. This year has gone by fairly quickly. At least the weather is nice enough some days that I can walk to school to pick Kate up. She enjoys that, although right after I took the below photo as we were walking home she tripped on some uneven sidewalk and scratched up her foot. I felt pretty bad since it was my fault she wasn't looking.
 I've been going to my Refit classes twice a week now and I love them! Debbi hosts a Facebook check-in contest, and for the month of March I was the winner so I got a Refit water glass! Yay.
 Last night Nick and I had another symphony date night. It was Bugs Bunny at the Symphony, so they accompanied several Warner Brothers cartoons as they were shown on the big screen. Always a fun night! Unless we go to any concerts in the Gardens this summer, we won't have anymore symphony dates until next season.

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