Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Vacation: Carnival Freedom day 3

Today was our first port day, which means we woke up bright and early at 6:30 when Nick's phone alarm interrupted the weird dream I was having but can't quite remember now. I wasn't too happy to wake up so early, but we really wanted to be out on Lido by 7 to get breakfast before headed off the ship to Cozumel. 

We hit up the omelette station and then went back to our room to gather all the necessary items for the beach today. We had decided to take a cab from the cruise pier to Chankanaab National Park for some snorkeling and beach fun. 

Upon arrival it became very apparent that today would be fabulously uncrowded, as there were very few people around. This was great for us, because I really didn't want to end up on a beach with a bunch of crazy drunk people. 
As soon as we had claimed our beach umbrella for the day, we got our new snorkeled gear out and got ready to take the steps down into the water. It was cold!! We had to inch our way into the ocean a step at a time because the water was so chilly, but acclimating to the temperature was fairly quick once you bit the bullet and jumped all the way in.  
The full face snorkel masks worked amazing! Even Nick had a blast, and he has quite a bit of anxiety about snorkeling so I was worried that he would not have much fun today. I purchased us some travel size fins as well, so we were completely set. 
We snorkeled for about an hour before taking our first break. It was so beautiful! Fish were everywhere, and the reefs were really pretty too. 

We decided it might be smart to get some food in our bellies during our break so we wouldn't get sea sick. Our waiter brought our chicken fajitas to us and we are right on the beach. For $12, we got enough meat for 6 fajitas! They were tasty too. When we finished eating, a lady from the spa came by and talked to us about a 2 for 1 special they were having on massages. We had kind of been wanting to do a couple's massage on the ship but that's $300!! A little too rich for our blood. But at the spa there? We could do a 30 minute couple's massage for $55, so we jumped at the opportunity. Ok, well I jumped at the opportunity, but Nick was pretty easily convinced. 
It was heavenly. I drifted in and out of consciousness while she worked on the knots and tension I was carrying around. She started on my feet before moving up the legs and to my back, finishing with the arms. It was top 3 of the best $55 I've ever spent. 

After our massage, we stumbled back to our lounge chairs like a couple of drunk people because we were both so relaxed and noodly. Then it was time to snorkel some more, so we did about 45 minutes before calling it quits on the water. We were tired! We finished just in time to catch the sea lion show before it was time to catch a cab back to the Puerta Maya Pier. 

Once back at Puerta Maya, we walked around some of the shops for a bit and picked up a couple of souvenirs. We were both hungry again and tired, so we decided to go ahead and get back on ship so we could change and eat some food. We opted for the buffet this meal because they had a Caribbean theme going on. We had some jerk chicken that was amazing and some Caribbean sweet potatoes too! 

Nick headed down to the atrium for a couple of trivia games at that point and I went up the deck 10 with Dad for sail away. Once the sail away party started, I ran down to grab Mom and we hit the dance floor for some line dances. She didn't last as long as I did, and I decided during the conga line to use that as a way off the dance floor for the time being. 

I was past due for a shower by then so that's where I headed to get dressed for dinner. We were meeting up with Dad again for the main dining room. We love eating in there every night- how often do we take the time to eat three course meals at home? Not ever! 

Tonight at dinner I went with the port of call offerings and had tortilla soup and steak fajitas. It was ok, but not as good as back home. Once again, I ordered my melting cake for dessert. It's the only time every day that I am eating anything sweet, so I still feel pretty good about that. 

After dinner we checked out our formal pictures from the night before and purchased a couple. We did take a few more tonight because I looked pretty cute. 

Tonight in the main lounge the show was called 88 Keys and featured music that all heavily relied on piano. It was a great show as usual. This cast is very talented! 

The movie tonight on Lido was Star Wars: The Force Awakens so you can take one guess where we were at 10 pm: 
I will admit to falling asleep for a few minutes towards the end because I was exhausted from the day! Tomorrow we arrive in Grand Cayman! 

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