Monday, April 25, 2016

Vacation: Carnival Freedom day 2

We woke bright and early at 7:15, although I got up at 6:50 because my body always wakes me up early on vacation. The weather has been gorgeous all day and the sea has been totally calm.
Our first stop was to the Blue Iguana Cantina to have a breakfast burrito (minus the tortilla of course). I ran off to yoga at 8 while Nick headed to the walking track for a few laps. Let me just tell you that doing yoga on a moving, wobbling cruise ship is not easy. Ok, I'll be honest- it wouldn't have been easy on solid ground either. That chick tried to kill me.
We hit up the morning show after showering, and then wandered around the shops until time for the shore excursion show. The only reason we went to that was to try to win some of the free prizes, which of course we did not win. 

Next we were off to sea day brunch, where we both enjoyed a filet mignon and eggs before running off to play some trivia. 
After trivia we ran into Coleen, who told us that Mom and Richard were in a hot tub up on the Serenity deck, so I decided that's where I needed to be as well. Nick went to the room for a nap and I changed into my swimsuit for some hot tub time. Since the yoga chick worked me over I felt it was necessary. 

When we had enough of the hot tub, we hopped out for a Guy's Burger for mid-afternoon snack and then it was time to go shower and get ready for elegant night. I love elegant nights on the cruise ships! It's fun to get all dressed up and go eat some lobster. Tonight I opted for a surf 'n turf meal and ordered lobster and prime rib. Of course I had dessert again tonight but his time I got both the melting cake and tried the creme brûlée. 
After dinner it was time for a comedy show before heading up to the main theater for the Playlist production show. Tonight's theme was 80's pop music. Tomorrow we stop at Cozumel!

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