Friday, April 29, 2016

Vacation: Carnival Freedom day 6

Thursday was a saw day as we began our long trek home. Nick and I aren't much for laying around on a cruise ship- we like to fill our days with activities and games so we planned a busy day.

Nick actually had a spa appointment at 8 for a shave and facial thing with Jacques from South Africa. Our room steward, Faruk, had brought a birthday card with a $50 spa coupon inside, so the service cost him $59 with the built-in gratuity. I decided not to go back to yoga because hello- it was hard- so I slept in. 

I got dressed to go around the time Nick came back from the spa, so he and I met Dad and went down to brunch in the Posh dining room on deck 3. Dad and I both had a filet mignon and eggs and Nick ordered a spicy hen dish. 
After brunch we headed to the atrium for a Thriller dance class and learned the choreography from Michael Jackson's video in front of a large crowd that had gathered to cheer us all on. There were probably 30 or so of us dancing. It was fun! 

A digital scavenger hunt was next on the agenda, and we wore ourselves out running all over the ship. We had 15 items and 15 minutes to get pictures and get back to the lounge on deck 5. Here's how it went: 

We ran out of deck 5 and up 5 flights of stairs to get a photo with the smoke stack, hole #2 on the putt-putt course, and the basketball court. Then we bolted down to lido deck9 for a photo with the iguana and frog on each bars a towel animal, a lady in a floppy hat, and we couldn't find a guy in a speedo. 

Next it was down 6 flights of stairs to get the underside of a lifeboat and then back up to deck 5 to get a pic in front of the Cherry On Top candy shop, find someone in an ugly outfit, to the coffee bar for a tuxedo strawberry, and into the arcade for an iPad claw machine. We went into the piano bar for a photo with the grand piano and totally interrupted a seminar, which we felt bad about, and ran back into the Jazz lounge with 2 minutes to spare. We had 14 items, but we were not the first with 14 so we lost. 
After the scavenger hunt we stayed for rock trivia and also lost. I was completely sweaty and needed water badly!

There was no time for hydration because it was time to join our team again in the atrium for Super Duper trivia. We began the trivia on the first sea day Monday, and the next two sea days would determine which team won. We gathered several new team members because most of our original ones didn't return for day 2.  

We decided to grab a Guy's Burger for lunch and sat with Cody and Kim, a couple from our cruise group while we ate. They're really nice and have been enjoyable to talk with all week.

After Guy's, we looked at photos for a bit and then I went into the atrium to do Motown trivia with Malcolm, our cruise director, while Nick went up to the room for a nap. Malcolm so much fun- by far a superior CD to our last one, Kirk, who was funny but not as dorky and involved as Malcolm is. That took a while but it turned into a huge Motown sing-a-long in the atrium so it was a lot of fun. 

This was elegant night #2 so we got dressed and met Dad at the dining room for dinner. Tonight I had a dual of filet mignon and spare ribs, which was so delicious. Of course I had melting cake again and tonight I also ordered a grand marnier soufflĂ© to try. It was ok, but it just wasn't chocolate melting cake. 
We took some more photos for the evening since we were dressed up and then went to the comedy club to hear the PG show from Billy D. Washington- he was hilarious! Definitely enjoyed his show. 
The show in the main lounge tonight was Heart of Soul, featuring Motown and soul music. We enjoyed that the show quite a bit and decided after to go out to the hot tub and sit in it until they kicked us out at midnight. Tomorrow is our last sea day. Sad face! 

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