Saturday, April 30, 2016

Vacation: Carnival Freedom day 7

The last sea day arrived finally and the reality of home began to sink in. We slept in again (hello another day of no yoga) and I only woke up because Dad sent me a message to see if we were awake yet. Since it was 8:00, I decided I better get up and not waste any of our last day.

We got dressed and met Dad on lido for the breakfast buffet. I got a couple of eggs over easy from the omelette station along with my buffet goodies. We sat near a window and actually watched a couple of birds flying around. I can't figure out why there are birds flying around so far from land. Don't they get tired? Where do they land? Where do they live? It baffles me. 

After breakfast, Nick and I headed down to the main lounge to make towel animals. We each made a puppy and an elephant, which I think are the two animals they taught us to make on the Triumph last year. Our room steward, Faruk, was showing everyone what to do on stage. We cheered loudly for him. 
We did a little bit of shopping on deck 5 once we left the theater because the sale tables had been pulled out for the last day. I picked out a couple of new t-shirts for myself. 

We decided to eat at the Mongolian Wok today since I hadn't had a chance to dine there yet. It's one of the places that's only open from noon-2:30 each sea day so it's hard to remember to get back there in time to eat. I also made myself a salad and the chocolate buffet was set out, but it didn't really have much that tempted me I did eat a chocolate rum ball and a tiny sliver to chocolate cheesecake. 

The magician from dinner a few nights ago had a show at 1:00 this afternoon so we caught most of that, but we had to leave early because we needed to be back in the atrium for the last day of Super Duper trivia. Most of our team from yesterday came back, and we gained a couple of new team members. We actually did really well today and ended up finishing third overall, which isn't bad since we were in 4th or 5th yesterday.  Nick and I stayed for Harry Potter trivia next but really didn't do well, which only signifies that I need to reread the books. 

The cruise director had a short Q&A session at 3, so we went to that and found it really very interesting. I am fascinated by the life style that the crew members choose to live. 

Immediately after that session, Malcolm changed into a hot pink 80's Mohawk wig and lead 80s music trivia in the atrium. Just like Motown the day before. It ended up being a big sing along when we graded answers. We ended up getting 18 correct and earned a boat on a rope medal! Woohoo!
It was time to get dressed for dinner one last time with Alex, Rama, and Gary in the main dining room. They were our wait staff all week and we loved them! Alex was especially fun. Tonight I had jerk pork loin and melting cake, of course. 
We finished dinner and went to hear Bill D. Washington's comedy act, which was hilarious once again. After taking a few more photos, we headed up to the room to begin packing. I started a load of laundry and then sent Nick to go listen to a performance in the main lounge so I could pack in peace. 

Once the luggage was out, we decided to get some water and take a few last laps around the walking track. We ran into Mom, Coleen, and Richard in line for pizza, so we talked to them for a little while before we walked. 
Now I'm laying in bed, sad because my vacation is over but excited to get home to hug my little girl. I've missed her! 

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