Friday, May 6, 2016

Muffins with Mom

This morning I took Kate to school and got to hang around for a little while because today was Muffins with Mom. We took a spot in the cafeteria next to Kate's friend Tatum, along with her Mom and little sister, Tillie, who told Kate this afternoon after school that she loved me.  She's the cutest little thing. 
They passed it blueberry muffins (yuck) and I have mine to Kate, which I would have done anyway because I'm not eating muffins these days. She was excited that this meant she got two muffins, but we put one of them in her lunch box. Once we finished, it was kind of chaos in the cafeteria. There were muffins and moms everywhere. The nose level was crazy! I finally decided to walk Kate to her classroom and give her a kiss for the day. 
My little girl is growing up. While we were gone on our cruise, she learned how to tie her shoes! She had been asking for tie shoes for a while now and we just hadn't gone to get any yet, so I'm glad that Yiayia took care of that while we were gone. She's still getting the hang of it, but she's getting better every day!

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