Sunday, May 8, 2016


Pam's headstone was installed at the cemetery while we were on our cruise last week. Dad received a text photo of it, and I know he was anxious to get to Mount Pleasant to see it in person. He asked us all to come to Mount Pleasant this weekend for decoration at the cemetery, just as it is every Mother's day. Kate helped me buy some flowers after school on Thursday of this week. We chose red for Pam, some pretty orange for Granny Louise, and I picked up some blue and white flowers for my grandfather's headstone. He passed away when I was just 2 years old. I knew it would be a nice gesture for Mom to take something so I did and sent her a photo.
We arrived not long after Dad at the cemetery. Cathy and Steve followed shortly after with their grandson and Jason and Heather arrived with the kids not too much later. They had purchased a small glass angel to sit on the base of the headstone. In addition to the flowers I brought, I picked up a couple of solar powered yard stakes with a cross and an angel on them. They light up at night and supposedly change colors. I didn't get to see them in the dark, so we will just assume they work. (Maybe some kid will spot them from the road and assume it's ghosts playing around at night. That would be pretty funny.)
Dad had bought some new red and white floral pieces to add to the existing flowers from Easter and her birthday flowers, so we rearranged a little bit and took out a few items that were already pretty faded and weathered. I placed our flowers and stakes in the corners. Dad had a nice concrete curb placed around their plots and filled the top with gravel. It looks really nice and is the only plot out there like that, which I think is a nice touch.
Jason and Heather brought bubbles for the kids to play with, and I couldn't help but think that it was exactly what Nannie would have done as well. She would not have wanted the kids to be sad or somber - have some fun with me was always her attitude. So I assume she would have enjoyed watching them blow bubbles at the cemetery.
When we finished there we headed into town to grab some lunch at Mount Pleasant Burgers & Fries, because that's what you do when you're in Mount Pleasant.
We all parted ways, and we went back out to Heather and Will's house. We spent the weekend with them, which was pretty perfect because Olivia and Kate miss each other constantly and Heather and I had some discussing and planning to do for our 20th class reunion. Somehow we ended up in charge of it, so we needed to get some shopping done for the banquet hall. Kate decided to give me my main Mother's day present that evening, so I got to open a beautiful 3 heart necklace from her and Nick. Last night after supper we spent a few hours playing Mexican train before everyone got tired and needed to head to bed.

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