Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This morning we woke up well rested and got dressed for church. We visit North Jefferson church of Christ when we are in Mount Pleasant. Before we left Heather's house, I made Nick take a few photos of me and Kate, since we always do that on Mother's day.
 After services, I called Grandma to see if we needed to pick up any lunch before we headed out to visit with them, and she informed me that she had a whole spread of yummy food in the works so we headed that way to pig out.

She had made rice dressing, creamed potatoes, pinto beans, macaroni and cheese, and a Mexican cheesecake. Yeah, pretty much not a single item was Whole30 compliant. Technically we aren't doing around of Whole30 at the moment, but for the most part we still try to eat on plan. This was about to be an entire meal of really terrible, unhealthy foods and we both knew we would pay for it later, but how do you tell your Grandma that you rarely see that you're just going to pick up a salad and bring it out there? You don't, so we managed. An interesting thing happened though while I was eating - now the cheesecake aside, because it was delicious as usual, but most of the other stuff was just not as good as I remember it once being. I couldn't even eat a whole slice of cheddar cheese, and I used to love that stuff. It just didn't taste the same to me now, and I can only assume that's from Whole30. I couldn't even hardly drink her sweet tea (it's STOUT) and I used to love the stuff. Taste buds have change, for sure.

But lunch was enjoyable nonetheless. My uncle Jerry ate with us, as did Uncle Kent and Elaine. Uncle Brent came by for a short visit with his girlfriend, so I got to see some bonus family that I wasn't expecting.

Of course Grandma had the golf cart out and ready for Kate when we arrived, so she and Nick put a few miles on it before we left for the day. We spent some time playing outside since it was overcast and not hot. Kate loves her great grandma and I'm happy they get to see each other occasionally.
 We got home shortly after 4 pm, and I was beat. Nick slept all the way from Mount Pleasant to our house and Kate entertained me by singing along to the Kidz Bop channel on Sirius XM. Once we got everything unloaded, Nick ran to the grocery store for us and Kate and I walked down to the park for a little while. I needed to stretch my legs after sitting in the car for 2.5 hours. She even picked me a little flower for mother's day. In all, it was a pretty nice day.

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