Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Two Concerts, Two Days

This past weekend we pulled a concert double header with Brad and Kimilee. It just so happened that Joe Walsh with Bad Company were playing Gexa in Dallas the night before Hall and Oates were playing Gexa, both of which we all wanted to see. So we made it happen.

We bought lawn seats for both shows because thy're super cheap, like $25 or less each. Sitting on the lawn isn't ideal, but it's better than nothing so we have done it in the past with no problems. However we know that once you are in the gate, you immediately head over to the upgrades desk because they want to fill the covered seats with as many people as possible. It just looks better, rather than have a ton of empty seats for the artist on stage to stare at all night. We managed to grab amazing upgrade seats for both shows, right smack in the middle, row I one night and row L the next night. Just for kicks, I had looked up the row I tickets online - $125. We paid $35. Ha Ha Ha.
We really enjoyed both shows. I will admit that I went to see Joe Walsh and could have lived without Bad Company. Not that Paul Rogers doesn't have an awesome voice or anything, but I knew like 3 of their songs. I was there for Joe and that was it. He played some stuff I didn't know, but I would say I knew about half the playlist and the highlight of the night for me was listening to him play Take It To The Limit in honor of Glenn Fry who passed away in January. I am a huge Eagles fan...so I can admit that I even teared up just a tiny bit.
Hall and Oates played all their hits so I knew everything but a couple of songs, although they weren't exactly like the radio edits which always annoys me. I suspect that maybe Hall just can't hit all those high notes repeatedly anymore, but still, I don't like it when they change every single song. So I was a tiny bit disappointed in their show, but it was still a fun couple of evenings.

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