Sunday, June 12, 2016

20 Year Class Reunion

We held our reunion in the banquet room at Two Senoritas Mexican Restaurant in Mount Pleasant. It was our first choice for venue to be honest, but once it was all said and one I'm really glad that this is the one we had to go with. Mount Pleasant isn't large, and June is wedding season - so this was our only option for the date we had set. The class of 1994 had also used this and they had a blast, so we knew it would be fine.  We had to decorate all of the cupcakes right before it was time for people to start arriving, and then it was time to get the events started. 
I had Nick man the door and check people off of the master list as they arrived. I did this for 2 reasons - first, I didn't want to have to make one of the classmates do this and miss out on chatting with people and secondly, since he didn't know any of the people coming it wouldn't be awkward for him to ask their name and not know them whereas if I had done it and didn't recognize someone, well that might have been awkward.

One of the things I was insistent that we have was a photobooth. It's kind of all the rage these days at events anyway, and everyone had a blast with them. I didn't want to hire just a regular photographer. In order to ensure that we would have our photobooth, I had to book it and put down a deposit months before we even knew whether the reunion was going to happen or not. It was a gamble, but I had some faith that it would all work out. It certainly did! Everyone had a blast.

 People stayed for almost the whole 4 hours that we had the venue, which was surprising. I figured if it was lame and everyone was bored, they would start leaving early. I'm happy that everyone looked like they had a genuinely good time, and I had dozens of people all night long thanking us for putting it together and organizing everything. It was a good feeling to know we were able to pull it off for everyone.

We will see if I volunteer for another one....right now, I'm in no hurry.

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