Sunday, June 12, 2016

20 Year Class Reunion Family Fun

Reunion weekend finally arrived!! Heather and I have been planning this reunion for what feels like forever, although it's really only been 6 months. I didn't think it was ever going to get here, and the stress would ever end, but thankfully we made it.

We kicked off reunion weekend by finishing up centerpieces and getting chocolate paw prints ready to go on cupcakes the next morning on Friday night. Candy and Craig had come in from Pflugerville, so hey came over to Heather's to help us play. After we did all we could do, we decided to go eat Mexican food at Jorge's in town.
Saturday morning we started with a family fun event. Jacob Hatfield arranged for a private pool party at the city pool for our group from 10 am until noon. We really weren't sure how many people to expect, but we had a pretty nice turn out after all! There were about 15 families there or so...and some of those people have lots of kiddos!
 After the pool party we all grabbed food and headed back to Heather and Will's house to eat and then start showering and getting ready for the reunion later that day. Heather, Candy, Nick, Heather's mom, and I spent most of the afternoon decorating the banquet room while Will hung out with all of the kids. We managed to get it all completed in time!

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