Monday, June 27, 2016

Colorado Springs, day 2

Today is Olivia's 6th birthday, so to celebrate her day we chose to go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. We have gone to the zoo every time we have come to Colorado Springs so far. It's my favorite zoo and Kate always loves the animals, so it's a good day when we go.

 This trip we did something we have not done at the zoo yet - we rode the chair lift up to take in the sights from above. The first time we came to the zoo Kate was too small to do that, and last time we came the ride was closed because the fire department was doing some rescue training on it. We got to watch them practice that for a while, but it meant we didn't get to ride. Kate loved it and kept saying how cool it was, and Daddy stayed in a mild state of panic the whole time as he was worried that she would slip out from under the safety bar at any moment.
 The grizzly bears put on a great show for us today! They were playing in the water right next to the glass, so we got a great, up close view of them. It's amazing just how large they are! I don't see how anyone ever survives a grizzly attack. Their size alone would be enough to overpower a human, but then to add that strength behind it - it's scary.
 No trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is complete without feeding the giraffes!

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