Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Colorado Springs, day 3, part 1

We spent day 3 of our trip in Canon City rather than Colorado Springs. Our road trip for the day began around 9 am, and we headed southeast to Canon City. It took us less than an hour to get there from our house in Springs. I had done a little research about what we could do until it was time for us to meet Heather and company at the Royal Gorge Route train depot. We had contemplated just taking Kate to the Royal Gorge Bridge that morning, but that was going to cost us another $62 and we didn't really feel like spending that much money. So instead I found a recommended walking trail online and off we went.

Tunnel Drive Trail is aptly named due to the 3 tunnels that you walk through along the trail. It follows the Arkansas River and the train tracks for a couple of miles, and then you must turn around and come back. We only made it slightly over 1 mile before we turned to head back because it was hot and Kate was whiny. Had we been along, of course Nick and I would have done the whole 2 miles.
The scenery along the trail is beautiful! We saw the occasional rafters going down the river and the Royal Gorge train came by a couple of times. It was fun to wave to the people on the train as they waved back. We only saw a few striped lizards along the path...thankfully no snakes or mountain lions. I read that earlier in the morning is when the wildlife is out.
The only drawback was the lack of shade. Other than the tunnels themselves, there was one lonely tree. The sun was hot and beating down on us, so it did make it a bit uncomfortable at times. The top of my head is sufficiently sunburned now.
After we finished the trail we were all starving. We headed into Old Canon City and decided on Chicago Bob's BBQ for lunch. Just walking in the door I knew we had made a good choice....but once I got my food? Oh man. I have to say, and I really hope I don't lose my official Texan card, but the best bbq brisket I have ever consumed in my life I got in Colorado. Please forgive me, but man, it was delicious.
 Stay tuned for part 2 of the day.....

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