Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Colorado Springs, day 3, part 2

The second half of our day in Canon City began around 2:30 when we arrived at the Royal Gorge Railroad train depot. We met up with Heather and company at the train depot for our 3:30 train ride through the Royal Gorge. We had never done that before, only been up on the bridge at the top, so I was quite excited to ride through and take in all the scenery.
The ride was 2 hours long - one hour out and one hour back. The tracks follow along the Arkansas River the whole way, so one side of the train was the river side and the other was the rock side. The landscape was just beautiful and although similar, it was also changing every time we looked somewhere new. We spotted one goat on the mountain, although I'm guessing there were more out there but they are really difficult to see amongst the rocks.
We passed under the Royal Gorge Bridge and watched the gondola going across as well as the zipliners who were crazy enough to travel across the gorge. I don't know that I could do a zipline with the ground below over 1000 feet down there. What a scary ride!
Kate and Olivia loved the train and made a couple of new friends on the ride. We spent almost the entire ride out on the open air car taking in the views rather than sitting in our seats inside. I was afraid I would miss something, and I took a ton of photos.

Once we returned to Canon City it was time for some dinner, so we all decided to have Mexican food at El Caporal in town before heading back to Colorado Springs.

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