Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

We actually got to spend part of this father's day with Nick's dad this year, although under unfortunate circumstances. Nick's great uncle, Bill Korte, passed away after being ill for quite some time. His funeral was in Keller, and Nick's grandfather flew in as well as his great aunt and her kids and grandkids who came from Illinois. The Illinois bunch were all relatives that we had actually never met, so it was nice to meet them, and we never got the chance to meet or know Bill either. We went to both the visitation and the funeral. This all took place the weekend of father's day.
Since Joe was in town, we took advantage and had lunch with him on father's day at Hoffbrau House. It wasn't much, but since he's so far away in Colorado it was an opportunity we don't often have.

This year we bought Nick a practical father's day gift. His sad little Black & Decker weed eater batteries had each died at various times so we were without one. Technically we couldn't really do the entire yard with it anyway, so it was time for an upgrade. Kate and I picked out a Ryobi that has separate attachments you can buy to turn it into not just a weed eater but a blower, edger, pole saw, hedge trimmer, etc. Later in the day we headed over to Yiayia's to see Bill and hang out a little while. In all, I think it was a pretty decent weekend despite the sad circumstances for part of it.

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