Sunday, June 26, 2016

Road Trip Commence: En Route to Colorado Springs

For our family vacation this summer we decided it was time to head back to Colorado Springs. It has become one of my favorite places to be because it's just so beautiful and there are so many activities to do that we still haven't done it all.  This time Heather, Will, Olivia, Joyce, and Don are all coming too, although they have rented their own Airbnb house for the week and we aren't going to see each other every single day, but we will be doing lots of things together. They drove up separately because a road trip with us means getting up in the middle of the night and loading the car. In this case, it meant that Nick came home from work and was in bed by 6 pm on Friday. He set his alarm for 1:30 am, and that's when he woke me up even though I had only come to bed at 11 pm. I know, my fault. But someone had to finish packing and load the car, right?

I had some trouble getting to sleep in the car because I had been up for over an hour by the time we pulled out of the driveway at 3:05 am. After Wichita Falls I was able o sleep until Amarillo, which is where we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, of course. Kate requested it, and normally Nick and I would have been all excited about it, I'l be honest though - after doing Whole30 a couple of times and changing the way we eat, the appeal of Cracker Barrel has gone. It took me forever to figure out what to order because nothing sounded good. I settled on a sausage hash with eggs over easy. It came with biscuits, and I will admit that I tried a couple of bites of biscuit. It did nothing for me. My eggs were fine and the potatoes too, but that sausage tore me up. Nick chose an egg scramble thing with veggies. Here's the kicker though- our bill was almost $30. I was like, holy cow! Do you know how much Whole30 food I could buy at Aldi for $30?? Having not eaten out much since February has made me realize just how ridiculously expensive eating out is- and then it wasn't even near as good as home cooked anyway!!
But I digress. We headed on from Amarillo and stayed about 45 minutes behind the Hooks-mobile the whole way. They left Amarillo about the time we were arriving at Cracker Barrel (they had driven down the day before and stayed the night). All along the way as we stopped for potty breaks and gas, we maintained about the same distance behind them it seemed. I drove for a while, until lunch time anyway, so Nick could get some sleep but then I started getting really sleepy myself because I just didn't get enough sleep in the car. After lunch in Trinidad, Nick took over again and I slept another hour or so.
Trinidad is such a beautiful little town, and every time we stop for lunch there I always comment on how I would love to spend some time there and explore. It's very picturesque. We ate at The Lunch Box, a local cafe for lunch. Nick and I each had a grass-fed beef burger (sans bun) with veggies and I ordered guacamole as well. It was a million times better than fast food ever thought about being.
We finally arrived at our little apartment in Colorado Springs. I found this garage-conversaion apartment on Airbnb for the week - it's only $42 a night. You seriously can't beat that. We have a small kitchenette, and I bought the cutest little electric skillet to bring for us to make breakfast each day. We picked up some groceries at Walmart once I had showered and Nick had napped a little while, and last night we sat out on our big covered porch area and had a picnic with some rotisserie chicken and sweet potatoes. It was pretty perfect, and it didn't cost us near the $30 we spent on breakfast that morning.
The view down the street.
Today we will visit a small congregation here in town for church and then we are going to spend the afternoon at the Hooks cabin in Cascade. They're in the woods and all nature-like (we are in town and 5 minutes from Walmart) so the girls are going to do some exploring today. Should be fun!

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