Thursday, August 25, 2016

First Lost Tooth!

Kate has been wanting to lose a tooth ever since she watched an episode of Caillou (shudder...those were dark times) about losing teeth way back when she was 3. She walked around trying to get her teeth to wiggle for the longest time, and finally gave up. Last year during kindergarten, her cousin, Logan, began losing teeth and then a couple of her friends did too....but not Kate. She was not pleased. Finally, one of her bottom teeth started to loosen, but only barely, and really not even enough to call it loose. That tooth has taken MONTHS before it was loose enough to matter, and finally in the last two days we realized it was actually really, really loose.

Night before last Kate wanted it out, and we all three spent an hour fighting, talking, planning, fighting some more, she cried, we got frustrated........finally we convinced her to just go to bed and we would try again another day. Last night it was more of the same, for an hour, and we tried again to convince her to just wait another day. It was past bedtime, and I was done. But Kate wouldn't back down, and she was not going to go to bed with that tooth in her mouth, so finally Nick convinced her that she had to let him pull it. She had been so terrified that it was going to hurt, that she wouldn't allow either of us to really try. And POP! Out it came. Hallelujah!
 This morning I heard her running through the house as she yelled "I got $5!! I got $5!!!"

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