Sunday, August 21, 2016

Waco Studio Invasion!

On Sunday a bunch of DFW REFIT instructors decided to head to Waco for the afternoon class at the home studios just for the fun of it. There were a couple of instructors from Indiana there so it was a fun excuse to meet them and hang out with the REFIT founders. Once they got word we were coming, they invited us to come early so we could film some official REFIT choreography for the YouTube channel too, which was super exciting!
 We took this photo to post for our Baton Rouge instructors. They've all been through and lost a lot in the past couple of weeks with all the flooding, and we wanted them to know that we are with them and praying for them.
 To make things even more awesome, Angela asked us to partner up and each lead a song during the REFIT class! I got to lead with Debbi, and we did "Give a Little More" by Maroon 5. It was such a great class - the energy level was amazing! I'm pretty excited for October, when I get to return to the home office and go through instructor training. The local gals are already scheduling me for times when I can sub for them, so I think I'll be pretty busy with REFIT for a while.

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