Saturday, September 3, 2016

Suite Life at the Ballpark

One of the vendors that Nick uses at work invited him and a guest to come out to the Ballpark in Arlington (because I refuse to call is Globe Life Park) for the game on Friday night. I'm not a baseball fan because I find it pretty darn boring, but I'm never one to turn down a chance to hang out in a suite for any sporting event, so I was happy to accompany him for the evening. It was, in fact, his second game of the week and second time in a suite, no less, because the same thing happened with another vendor earlier in the week. He took Bill that night since someone needed to be responsible for getting the child to be on time.

We arrived way early because there are a lot of Munzees around the ballpark, so we wanted to wander around and capture them all. We were also told we could be at the Suite as early as 6:05 and eat, so after we finished with the Munzees for before the game we went up to the suite. It was kind of fun getting to take the suite elevator up.

We walked in and there was food everywhere - no people. We had arrived even before the hosts, which was kind of funny, and for a little bit we felt awkward and wondered if we were in the right place. Turns out we were, and the suite host showed up as we had made our first plate of food and were eating. Eventually everyone else who was coming arrived, and it turns out that someone who Nick used to teach with back at Fort Worth Christian was even there as a guest. Small world.
I was happy that there were actually a few somewhat healthy options for food, so I was able to eat some grilled chicken breasts, squash, asparagus, and a big carrot. They also had lots of fruit and other veggies available, which was nice. I did indulge in a cookie though, which turned out to not be as great as I wanted it to be since it was the first and probably only cookie I will eat in a few months. But that's ok, because it's a lesson learned.
We sat outside the suite during the game and I pretended to watch. Basically that means that I clapped when everyone else did because I really wasn't paying all that much attention. There just isn't enough action in baseball for me to get really involved. It's great when they hit the ball and run, but otherwise it's a whole lotta throw a ball, wait, throw a ball, wait, blah blah blah, wait....snooooooooze. They should tackle or something, at least. Or it should just be like football. Or hockey. My favorite part of Rangers games has always been and always will be the dot races, and I ALWAYS cheer for green. That night green won just for me!
So during the game while playing on Facebook, I realized that I had several friends also in the ballpark that night. Everyone was pretty spread out from us, but one pair in particular caught my eye. Jeff and his dad, Ron Lancaster, were sitting directly across the stadium from us and up one section. We met them on our cruise in April 2015. It was Jeff's first cruise and was so excited - he's such a sweet guy. He's also a HUGE Rangers fan. Since they were there, I started posting on their photos and made arrangements to walk over to see them before the game ended. We made it over just about the time the Rangers won and stayed over with them for the fireworks after. I think they do that every Friday night during home games...perhaps.

After the game, Nick and I wandered around the parking lot capturing more virtual Munzees before heading home for the night. We got in after midnight, but we had a really fun evening together.

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