Monday, October 3, 2016

Our Star Student

This year at Kate's school, a Star Student is chosen in each class for the week. They get all kinds of perks when they are star student, such as sitting on a large exercise ball instead of a regular chair at their desks. This week Kate was selected as Star Student for her classroom, so on Sunday afternoon we created her star that she presented to the class this morning. Our guidelines were just that it needed to have photos, so she selected 26 pictures that she wanted and I had to help her narrow it down to 11 because that's all that would fit.
Tomorrow she is allowed to bring her favorite toy to school and do a show and tell for the class. On Wednesday, she gets to bring her favorite book from home to have it read to the class (or she can read it to them if she chooses). She's very excited about being Star student this week.

Partly out of necessity (moldy bread, out of lunchables) I picked up Whataburger for her for lunch today to celebrate her being Star student...and also so she wouldn't starve.
When I picked her up, she immediately started telling me about her citizenship award she won today. I think once a month (?) one student per class is chosen for a special award and they are featured on a photo wall in the hallway at school. She was so proud, as were Nick and I! She's such an amazing little girl and has a beautiful heart. Since I was teaching REFIT tonight, Daddy took her out on a special date to celebrate.

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