Sunday, October 30, 2016

Celebrating Yiayia

Poor Yiayia....every year we celebrate her birthday right in the thick of pumpkin guts and carving stress. Although this year the stress level was much lower, the amount of pumpkin guts everywhere was not. It's a messy gig, what can I say?

Since the 29th fell on a weekend this year, Nick was able to spend the whole day carving as well. We usually only get to see him in the evenings. So when he arrived that morning, he brought flowers for Yiayia to surprise her. Kate presented them to her and they promptly found a spot on the mantle with her other birthday flowers.
Kate helped Nana bake some chocolate brownies with icing for a birthday cake while the rest of us got back to carving for the day. Things were going so smoothly thanks to Ian and Grace, Bill even went out and picked up 6 more pumpkins.

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