Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Carving, day 3

Day three saw the beginning of some more difficult pumpkins. I think Ian and Grace were a little bit overwhelmed at the day three pumpkin choices - they both took their time determining which one to do and Ian was very selective, choosing the easiest ones he could find. Grace did a great job with some of the difficult ones that she selected though!

Nick began his hydration ritual and started giving the earlier carved pumpkins a dip in the spa. We began to notice that a couple of them were becoming questionable already, and by the end of day 3 we had 2 pumpkins that we had to go ahead and trash. This is why it's so important that we get that first photo of it as soon as they're carved - sometimes, they don't make it to Halloween night, which is unfortunate.

By Ian:
 By Grace:
 By Vickie:
By Bill:
By Nick:
By Brandi:
One hour, 7 minutes carving time

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