Monday, October 31, 2016

Carving Day 4, aka HALLOWEEN!!

The big day had arrived and because of our amazing helpers, we were left with only 3 pumpkins to carve, and all three were difficult ones and mine. Well, technically one of them wasn't very difficult, but because the pumpkin had been scraped so thin on the inside we needed to wait until the last minute to carve it. So I took the opportunity after I took Kate school and came home to take a nap for a bit (a glorious hour and a half) before going back to Yiayia's to get started.

Here's what I carved:
 We began setting the pumpkins out earlier than usual, since it was a school night. I knew people would be out a little bit sooner than normal, and it always stresses me out to have people standing on the sidewalk watching us put everything out. I just want to yell at them to go away until we are ready! I guess people like to watch the process, but I prefer that tey wait and see everything once it is all lit and perfect. The wind normally dies down as soon as the sun sets on Halloween - we have this issue almost every year - but this year it was a bit peskier and we dealt with wind issues all evening. Certain pumpkins just did not want to stay lit.
 We had great crowds as usual, and lots of our friends came by to see our pumpkins. It really means a lot when people you know personally take the time to come support and ooh and aah over your creations, but we love all the strangers who come just as much.

Only 364 days until we do it all again.

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