Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some pics from Halloween Night

 Our carving crew this year: Me, Nick, Grace, Nana (she fed us), Ian, Kate, Vickie, and Bill sporting our fancy new t-shirts that I designed based off a pumpkin I carved last year.
The crowds were great as usual, although I think they died down a bit earlier than in the past couple of years. I am sure that is due to Halloween being on a week night this year, and the past 2 years it has fallen on a weekend. I sort of wish Halloween was the same day of the week each year, rather than the 31st. It would help us pumpkin carvers out, for sure.
This year we had lots of exclamations about the Pokemon pumpkins, and people enjoyed the Johnny Depp grouping we did. I got several chuckles about the presidential Trumpkin, and the oak tree I carved was very popular. 

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