Monday, November 7, 2016

Birthday Girl!

This year my birthday party planning skills were on point - Dreamworks released Trolls on November 4th, just in time for Kate's birthday on the 5th. Boom - instant birthday idea. She invited several little friends from various aspects of her life, and off to the movies we went. Will, Heather and Olivia even came up from Mount Pleasant and spent the night with us, so Kate and Olivia got to have a little sleepover as well.
 Everyone got some popcorn, a drink, and candy along with their movie ticket, which for less than $9 per person is a pretty sweet deal. The movie was super cute and they all loved it, which made it worthwhile.  We followed the movie with lunch at In and Out Burger, since it's one of Kate's favorite places and it was super close to the theater.
 The following day Kate was surprised with an awesome git from Aunt Karyn and Uncle Gerald - a Nerf car complete with Nerf guns for the whole family. Score!
She claimed it was her best birthday EVER. Score one for Mom.

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