Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween 2016: Carving Day 1

After spending 3 days to get the pumpkins traced, carving time finally arrived. The weather has been less than stellar for pumpkin carving (it's been almost 90* outside in the afternoon!!) but we are moving forward with out family tradition because that's what we do.

This year Bill and Vickie have company from the UK - Ian and Grace. They're from Scotland and happened to be on a cruise that Bill and Vickie took last year. They all became fast friends. So we indoctrinated them today with our serious pumpkin carving tradition and they took right to it! Both of them are excellent carvers and have really impressed me with their skills, considering that they've never done this before. They both said it's very therapeutic.

So here we are, carving day one, and this is what we accomplished today:

By Vickie:
 By Bill:
By Ian:
 By Grace:
 By Nick:
By Brandi:
 By Kate:

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