Monday, October 24, 2016

Becoming Revolutionary

Something amazing happened this weekend - I got my REFIT® instructor certification at the home studio in Waco, Texas! I headed down on Friday for the master class and made a stop by Magnolia Market (from HGTV's Fixer Upper) that afternoon. Neat place - but too many tourists.
Saturday morning we arrived early for certification and training. It was a long day filled with activity and lecture-type stuff...and I almost ruined it by poisoning myself by taking a bite of a Larabar with cashew in it. I'm allergic to cashews, which I only discovered last December and so I spent a lot of the day with some stomach cramping. But it was still an awesome day, and I still got my certificate which is the important part.

Who would have ever thought that someday I would be a fitness instructor? EVen when I think about it now, it seems so crazy and weird, but I absolutely love REFIT® and everything it has done for me. I feel amazing and can't wait to keep the momentum going. We will see what is in the plans for me with regard to my REFIT® career!

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