Monday, December 5, 2016

Career Moves

Sometimes you just don't know what life has in store for you. Nick joined the Anchor Fabrication team on December 9, 2007. We were quickly approaching his 9 year anniversary with the company, but he would not make it to see that milestone. God had different plans.

He received a call from a guy we used to go to church with a few years ago named Byron. He was simply seeing if Nick knew of anyone looking for a job and the more they discussed with the role was, the more Nick realized that he might be the one interested. So on a whim, he sent his resume over to Byron and after a phone interview, a dinner face to face interview, and 6 days had passed - he had a job offer.

Change is never easy, and Nick has always fiercely stayed away from change as much as he could. But often times you can't ignore it when God opens a door right in front of your face, and so you must step through and see what happens.

So he accepted the offer and began the transition from his role at Anchor. He did some pretty important stuff and knew some things that not many others knew how to do there, so it was a rough couple of weeks (with a Thanksgiving holiday thrown into the mix, no less) but he made it through and December 5, just 4 days shy of that 9 year anniversary with Anchor, he left the house to begin his first commute to Dallas to work for StaffONE. They are an HR services provider, and he's doing IT stuff for them.He's very excited about the potential and opportunities that he will have working for them.

The commute is an unfortunate detail with this new job, since we leave in north Fort Worth and StaffONE is currently located in north Dallas. It's 40 miles one way, and with rush hour it will take him about an hour to get there and back, sometimes a little more. He's mostly upset because it takes away some of his time with Kate, but we will adjust and trust that God will get us through it.

I made him take a first day of work picture today. I'm glad he played along.

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