Sunday, December 4, 2016

Santa, baby

My friend Lola is doing photos with Santa this year down in the Stockyards, and she has been hiring various friends to help out as we can. She's open on weekends from 12-4, and she pays us a pretty decent amount to help her out so I've gone down there as much as I can because it's always great to earn some extra cash this time of year. I convinced Kate to come see Santa, which she only agreed to after she found out that kids got a free stuffed pony with their photo.
 I've had fun working the laptop and helping out. Our Santa is really excellent with the children and families, and he's been fun to hang around during our downtime. It's been cold here and there as we've worked, but we've still managed to have good sales and lots of compliments on the experience.
 Santa's real name is Darrell. I find that amusing. I won't lie - when he goes to change back into his street clothes at the end of his shift, it's a bit of a let down. I feel like he should always be dressed in red.

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