Monday, November 28, 2016

Decking our halls

Kate helped my decorate for Christmas this year, and as we were setting everything up I realized fairly quickly that her little 4' white Christmas tree (which I don't actually think is 4' tall) was not going to be large enough to hold her collection of Disney and homemade ornaments this year. While she was at school, I went to Walmart and purchased her a 6.5' tree for all of her stuff, and I finally got a new 7.5' tree this year. Our old tree was finally losing enough lights that I was sick of dealing with it. Her face when she got home and saw her new tree was pretty great:
She decorated it all be herself, except for the beads, and did a great job of spacing everything out nicely. I helped her with the ones at the top, but she was very careful to tell me exactly where each ornament was to go and reminded me several times that this was "HER TREE" and not mine.
 I decided to revisit my color blocking stripes this year for my tree, but incorporate our large collection of photo ornaments as well so I put them in a silver stripe and then added pink, blue and purple around them. I love the way it turned out:
We did the mantle as well, but we really didn't do much other decorating. Honestly, I just didn't want to mess with it all. This year I did start my shelf of Christmas photos, and I really need to collect more Christmas frames for next year. I like to buy them after Christmas when they're on clearance, so I'll be looking out for them this year.

I think it's very festive in here!

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