Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Nick decided that he wanted us to spend Thanksgiving in Mount Pleasant with my family again this year. I left it up to him, and since we don't get to see my grandma very often I was game for that as well. Jason and Heather brought the kids as well after having Thanksgiving early with her parents.

Heather and Will were gone on another cruise this year so we stayed at their place along with Kylie, Logan, Jason and Heather. Dad and Paula met us for catfish at David Beard's. After dinner everyone had some dessert that I had baked and hung out for a bit at the house.
We headed over to Grandma's the next morning so that we could play and I could help in the kitchen as needed. Kate always looks forward to riding around on the golf cart, so she and Nick made many loops around the house and out into the pasture. Grandma always makes sure it's charged when she knows we are coming out.

Everyone started arriving and we ate lunch around 2 pm. It was a full house as usual, and we all stuffed ourselves silly. Since there were 5 of us cousins there this time, we had to get some photos together and also made sure to grab one of our kiddos together as well.

 When we left Mount Pleasant on Friday, we headed to Tyler so we could see Jason and Heather's new house. Nick and I packed some work clothes and helped them paint their master bedroom and bathroom, as well as the laundry room. They wanted to get it all done while they were off from work for the holiday. We headed home the following day, which made for a long Thanksgiving holiday but an enjoyable one.

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