Sunday, January 1, 2017

One Final Christmas Celebration

Man, celebrating Christmas over and over and over is exhausting.

Pop bought Kate a trampoline this year, along with way too many other things, so part of Christmas celebrating was spent in the back yard assembling his gift. She didn't quite believe it was a trampoline when he showed her the box, but once they started putting it together she got pretty excited.

I stayed in the kitchen while they all did the hard work and cooked all morning. Heather went back and forth between playing games with the girls and Paula to helping the boys outside. I've gotten Christmas dinner prep down to a pretty good science now. This time I experimented with some sweet potatoes that ended up being WAY sweet (they were practically a dessert) but wow they were good.
 After lunch was clean up time, and apparently everyone play on their phone time.
 Finally it was time for gifts! The kids were about to die from impatience over opening their gifts.
 Gifts were followed by more trampoline time, and playing. The majority of the household was in bed well before midnight, so no big new year's shindig happened around here. It's just another night.
 The next morning it was time for everyone to pack up and head home. Jason and company hit the road, and we ended up meeting up with Dad and Paula at Cracker Barrel for breakfast before they left for East Texas again. It was a pretty good weekend!

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