Sunday, January 8, 2017

Waco Training Day!

I love REFIT trainings so much. Even though I was certified not all that long ago, I spent the better part of my certification day in intense pain becuase I had poisoned myself with a Larabar that contained cashews. So I felt like I probably missed a few things, and I was eager to take more notes and pick up on things I didn't absorb before. It's also a great excuse for selfies with friends.
 I did take lots of notes again, and some things made more sense now than before beacuse I've gained a bit of experience since my training day. It was a good day of learning.
 This is the class of new instructors from training. You go, girls!!
 The Dallas/Fort Worth gals in attendance:
 The Fort Worth REFIT Rockstar girls:
 Seriously, I love all of these ladies big time!

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