Friday, January 6, 2017

Birthday in Waco Shenanigans

It just so happened that REFIT scheduled a training in Waco on my birthday weekend, and what better way for a girl to spend her birthday than with a whole ig family of gal pals?? Seemed perfect to me, so off to Waco I headed after I dropped Kate off at school. It turned out to be a big blessing that I left early, because I completely avoided a freak snow storm situation in Fort Worth later that afternoon. In fact, I never saw snow at all, although it was very, very cold in Waco that day.

So cold in fact, that my trip to Magnolia Market Silos was kind of perfect. I mean, yeah, I froze in the wind chill that was in the teens, but because it was so cold there were hardly any people at the silos and certainly none of them were outside. So I could explore and shop and do whatever I wanted without a bunch of random tourists in my way. It was exactly how I prefer life. I even bought myself a little birthday gift at the marketplace. So my best advice: go to the silos when the weather is horrible. You'll enjoy it a lot more!
I checked into my fabulous hotel suite and rested a bit, ate a yummy Bubba's burger, and then headed to the REFIT studio for the Experience class that evening. Several other instructor friends of mine were there as well. In fact, Christy from the Houston area was also celebrating her birthday that day so I made us matching birthday shirts for the class as a surprise for her. They were a big hit.
 Class was packed and I even danced a few songs right outside the door because it was so hot and steamy in the studio! Essie danced the entire 90 minute class dressed as a sloth, and I still can't figure out how she managed it.
 After class we headed over to Torchy's for a big birthday dinner, and Mica met us there. She was supposed to be at the class but because of the freak snow in Dallas, traffic was beyond a nightmare but she still came because she brought Christy and I Nothing Bundt cakes! What a great friend!!
 We had a great time, but didn't party too later because everyone was pretty exhausted.

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