Monday, February 20, 2017

Vacation: Carnival Valor Day 1

Time to set sail!!
As luck would have it, this morning was cold and wet and rainy. Thankfully it wasn't foggy, because that would have delayed the Valor coming in to port and thus delayed our departure. We were all anxious to get on board so delays were not needed! Even a rainy glimpse of a cruise ship through the window is better than no glimpse at all!
We had purchased Faster to the Fun (I always cruise with it) so we ran to our room first thing.....our wonderful, big balcony cabin. It was my first time in a balcony room and I can assure you that it was very spoiling, but if I want to continue to cruise frequently I'm just going to have to live with interiors. We were on deck 7.
 Balcony selfies came first, of course!!
We changed clothes and headed up to Lido for the sail away party. This was our first experience with Frankie, the cruise director, and we weren't disappointed! He's got great energy and was a lot of fun. We participated in his sail away selfie challenge and Laurie and I danced our little hearts out in a bit of rain as we sailed away from Galveston. We ended up back in our room to get ready for dinner after, since we were a little wet, but we watched the Pilot boat from our balcony before. It was directly below us, which was cool to watch.
 Dinner was yummy and I finally was reunited with my precious chocolate melting cake. Soo, soo good. We went to the Welcome Aboard show and hilarious comedy show. So far I think the decor on the Valor is my favorite of all the ships I've been on, and I love that it is set up exactly like the Freedom so I feel like I already know my way around. That's very helpful! Sea day tomorrow!
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