Sunday, February 19, 2017

Vacation: Carnival Valor - It's almost cruise time!

Several months ago the brilliant idea was born for a girl's cruise with my friends Laurie from Urbana, Illinois and Lynn from Buffalo, New York. They are long-time online scrapbooking friends of mine. I have met them both in person before (Laurie was my running buddy at Disney in 2015) but I hadn't seen Lynn in about 10 years! So we booked a cabin on he Carnival Valor and began counting down the long wait until we would all hook up to set sail. A few days ago I even got the amazing upgrade fairy call and we upgraded to a balcony room from our sad little interior! How amazing is that? 

I drove to Houston and spent the night last night, then did some shopping at the outlet mall as well as some Munzeeing before it was time to pick Laurie up from the airport. For reasons unknown, I ended up with a little bit of laryngitis. Before I picked up Laurie, I went to Walgreens and stocked up on Dayquil, vitamin C, throat lozenges and a couple of other items to help me kick it, but I still ended up without much of a voice. About 4 hours later we both went back to pick up Lynn. Time for the week to begin!
 As we made our way down to Galveston for the night, I stopped at Buc-cees to introduce the foreigners to the wonder of the beaver. They were pretty impressed by the size and selection of stuff there, and quite amused at all the beaver stuff you could buy as well. It's a Texas thing, y'all. Generally I avoid Buc-cees, but I made an exception for them.
We checked into our hotel and walked to dinner that night. It was a little cool and rainy, but we still had an enjoyable meal and then spent some time just hanging out and chatting at the hotel before calling it a night. 

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