Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Vacation: Carnival Valor, Day 3: Cozumel

Our plan for Cozumel today was pretty simple: get off the boat, find a taxi, and shop all day long! We weren't planning on getting in the ocean today, which turned out to be a good thing because we heard that all of the water excursions were cancelled due to high winds - the water was pretty choppy.
 We grabbed a cab and the first stop was Starbucks, for the addicted coffee drinkers of the group (that doesn't include me, lol). I did split an order of churros with the girls though. They needed their fix, and also each bought Starbucks mug that says Cozumel for their collections. We wandered around a shopping mall in the downtown area, buying things here and there, trying to haggle with vendors and enjoying an absolutely beautiful day!
 We grabbed another cab and went further down the coast to a restuarant Lynn had previously been to and wanted to visit again: El Coctelito. We had lunch there, which was quite tasty. We ended up walking back towards downtown from there, and spent a little time on the beach looking for sea glass and shells.
We made it back to downtown and had spent most of our day at this point, so we grabbed a cab to head back to the Costa Maya pier, where our ship was docked. This is when things took a turn...
Once we walked away from our cab, Lynn suddenly realized that she didn't have her phone. She turned to run back to the cab stand, but our cab was long gone. Laurie and I started looking through her bag, but had no luck. She ran back to us in a panic and just kept saying "it's gone." Unfortunately even though the cab stand attendant was very helpful and tried calling several of the cabs, he couldn't locate her phone. We didn't know the number of the cab we were it was basically like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Laurie and I waited at the pier for a while, but as it was getting close to boarding time for the ship we got back on and waited for Lynn to see if she had found her phone.
That put a bit of a damper on the evening, but Lynn was able to have her sister call to deactivate the phone so no one could use it maliciously for her. I know I would have been devastated. We are just so attached to our phones!

We headed off to dinner for the evening and caught some more comedy. We walked quite a bit today and got some sun, so everyone was pretty tired. I managed a decent little haul on our beach combing time though that I will add to my jar of Cozumel sand at home:

Our towel animal today:

Tomorrow: Progreso.

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