Thursday, February 23, 2017

Vacation: Carnival Valor, Day 4: Progreso

Beach time was our plan today. We got off the ship with sun and sand in the brain. Oh, and a massage.  While Lynn was running at the gym, Laurie and I spent some time on the deck near the whale tale after breakfast and watched the ship head into Progreso.
 Time to head to land!
Honestly I regret that we didn't plan in advance to go to a private resort for the day. When we arrived at the public beach, we quickly realized that the local vendors selling things were going to drive us bonkers. It was constant bombardment of sales pitches and stuff - the same people, over and over, showing you their stuff and trying to get you to buy. It was uncomfortable and annoying. Lynn tried laying on her towel and ignoring them, but Laurie and I were pretty uncomfortable so we decided to go ahead and get our $20 beach massages. Talk about a relaxing hour. It was pretty amazing.
Lynn decided to leave the beach to do some shopping while we were getting our massages, so we didn't meet back up with her until back on board later in the day. Laurie and I were hungry after relaxing for an hour, so we walked over to a restaurant and ended up spotting Jacob and his wife, this couple we had met at the comedy show the night before. They joined us for lunch on the patio, and we had a nice time and some amazing guacamole.
We shopped a little bit as we made our way back to the bus station that brought us back to the ship. Everyone haggles in Progreso, so we got some really good deals on fun stuff.
Once back on board, we still had quite a while before sail away. We just got kind of bored with Progreso (another reason I wish we had done the private resort) so Laurie amused herself by throwing popcorn to the seagulls from our balcony. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to, but it made for some good laughs.
We sailed away during sunset, so we went to one of the decks at the front of the ship for a prime sunset viewing spot. It was beautiful and so peaceful. At dinner tonight we managed to fill the table again with tons of food. I swear, if my clothes still fit by the end of this week I will be amazed.
 Tonight there was a fun sing-a-long in the piano bar, and then we headed down to the Love & Marriage show with Frankie, which is always great fun.
 Today's towel animal:
Tomorrow is our last sea day. SAD FACE!

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