Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vacation: Carnival Valor, Day 5...last sea day

I always hate the last sea day, just because it means that when I wake up tomorrow I will be back in the ugly Texas waters of Galveston, and soon they will kick me off the ship. That's never a fun day.

As usual we all got up fairly early and did our working out, only today I wasn't feeling the gym so I ended up on the walking track outside. This meant that I finally got to see a towel animal take-over at the pool! I have always missed it on my other cruises.
 As I was finishing up my walk, I bumped into Laurie who had come out to see the towel animals. Since I was already sweaty, I decided to go change into my swimsuit for a little sun and napping on the serenity deck. Laurie decided to head up there to wait for me.
We only spent about 20 minutes out there, and by this time we were hoping for some lunch. Lynn was at a towel animal class, and Laurie and I were going to grab early lunch but then realized quickly that there was no lunch being served at we had to wait until noon. Bummer! We had BBQ, which was ok but let's face it, it wasn't Texas BBQ. But then as we headed downstairs we stumbled upon the chocolate buffet and that made up for all the bad BBQ in an instant.
We we finished our chocolates, it was about time for Groove for St. Jude on Lido, so Laurie and I headed up to donate and get our free t-shirts. There we spotted a chick who was trying to avoid some tan lines (or maybe she just couldn't feel the wedgie?) at the rest of the ship's expense, and I snapped my favorite photo of the whole trip.
We met back up with Lynn and planned out the remainder of our day. Another show in the main lounge, dinner (this time a Guy's Burger), a little more fun before it was time to accept that the trip was nearly over.
Tonight was Frankie's 80's music trivia sing-a-long, and it was a BLAST!! I really love him - he's a great cruise director. We actually won a ship on a stick too!! I can't tell you how excited I am - I have been trying to win one of these babies every cruise now.
I love all of the Carnival staff, so we got some selfies with our favorites...Milovan took some photos of us a couple of nights and was very sweet, and Boban was our room steward.
It was a great cruise, although short (I prefer 7 days), but I very much enjoyed the relaxation!
Our last towel "animal":
Saturday morning meant home, so we hung out on our balcony one last time as we sailed in and I started to dread the long car ride home after taking the girls to the airport.

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