Saturday, March 4, 2017

Being Brave

Kate was invited to a birthday party for one of her classmates today at Main Event. To say she was excited is an extreme understatement. We weren't sure what all we would be doing. As it turns out, the birthday girl chose 2 events for them to participate in: laser tag and the ropes course. I knew Kate would not do laser tag - it's dark and unfamiliar and she just doesn't always go for that. Another little girl was also a bit scared to go in, so they were given some gaming cards to go play with while the rest of the party goers did laser tag. 

Once it was time for the ropes course after cake, Kate was all kinds of excited which really threw me off. I mean, it's a ropes course at the ceiling of the building - so way up there. I assumed she was be too scared and wouldn't even want to try it, but if I've learned anything about my little girl it's that she sometimes surprises you when you think she's going to behave one way by doing the opposite.  

She lined up and let the event staff put her harness on like a champ, still very excited about heading up the stairs to begin the course.
 Once they got to the top, one of the little girls in front of Kate began to cry and decided she wasn't going anywhere. Eventually they got her to walk back down the stairs.
Now it was Kate's turn to head across the first obstacle. She looked determined but I could also tell she was fighting some fear.
 Much to my surprise, she took off across the wobbly steps to the next platform. I was proud and terrified and shocked all at the same time...and as soon as she reached the other side, she turned around and I knew immediately from her face that she was done. The tears began to fall, and she was pretty pale. I was yelling how proud I was of her and that she was okay, but she wasn't having it. So I explained that she had no choice but to walk back across the same obstacle so she could come down, and that it was okay to do so.
 She stood there for a few seconds and calmed herself down, and then she headed back the way she came. Slowly, and deliberately, and finally she reached her starting point.
 Once she got down and back into Mommy's arms the tears came again and she was pretty upset. I repeatedly told her how brave she was and how proud I was that she had tried something really scary and accomplished it. She declared that she was NEVER doing that again, so I guess time will tell if she decides to give it another shot some day.

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