Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring Break Bestie Time

We had a little Spring Break Bestie Staycation in Dallas this year. Heather and Olivia met us at a hotel in North Dallas and we spent 2 nights having all kinds of fun, girly adventures.

We started off our stay-cation by shopping, because that's what besties do when they get together. We went to the Galleria Mall because a trip to Build-a-Bear was requested (seriously, we should own stock in this company). We had lunch while hanging out at the mall, and then checked into our hotel. Everyone was super excited that Kate and I had stopped by Gigi's Cupcakes before we left Fort Worth and brought 1 cupcake for each girl for each day of our trip. Clearly we weren't watching calories. We had a delicious dinner at Blue Mesa Grill that evening.
 Day 2 we spent the day at the Dallas Zoo. We had tossed around a few possibilities, but in the end the girls chose the zoo and thankfully it really wasn't quite as crowded as I was fearing it would be. We had quite a nice day followed by some Moo-yah Burgers.
We only spent 2 nights, so the today was pretty short. We did some more shopping and had lunch before Heather and Olivia had to head home.  I'm so thankful that they're back in Texas and close enough that we can get together like this.

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