Sunday, April 2, 2017

Birthday Boy

I arranged a date night for Nick's birthday and we headed to Cheesecake Factory for some delicious dinner and then to the movies for a late showing of Beauty and the Beast after that.
This year Nick let Kate be in charge of planning his actual day-ofbirthday celebration. She was very excited to come up with a plan. We began our day at Main Event, where we spent an hour bowling and then played some games until our game card ran out of money.
After Main Event, we headed to Yiayia's for lunch and cookie cake, Daddy's favorite.
 Once we finished filling our bellies at Yiayia's house, we headed out to Grandma's house for a little while and ate dinner at Cracker Barrel that evening to celebrate. Kate manage to fill the whole day, and I think Daddy enjoyed his special day quite a bit. I know we had plenty of yummy food to eat, that's for sure!

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