Friday, April 7, 2017

Cougar Run

Each spring, as part of their PE class, the kids at school participate in the Cougar Run. They don't have to run terribly far, not even half a mile, but it's still a pretty big challenge for them and a great form of exercise. Kate was pretty excited about the run this year, so I volunteered to help all afternoon. I got to watch first grade, kindergarten, and second grade do their run. My job was to help cheer them on and corral them at the end of the run, and for the second graders I helped give them water when they finished. The second graders run a full lap around the middle school track.

Kate did a great job - she didn't run the whole time (they had to run two laps around the perimeter of their large playground area) but she did her best and that's all that mattered. She wasn't last either, so that's good!

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